Written by: Sam Fox on August 14, 2013

PROMPTER grapples with the limits of actions contained in media or the home and even theatres/art spaces themselves, and we come up against the possibilities of art and abstraction. Commentary, exposition, and journalistic reports generally run counter to the basic principles of abstraction artists employ. So we’re putting out reports that go alongside our art – reports by artists about the our local geography/politics/culture.

In this release we feature Allison Wyper and collaborators in Los Angeles taking us into the history of the famously concrete-bedded LA river. Tariro Mavondo talks about the origins of her body disaster poem that features in PROMPTER. And Sam Fox revisits the Dance Journalism project and tactics of direct action accompanying and/or within art and performance. Image by Paul Outlaw.

+ more dispatches to follow in the coming days. Goto: Prompter Dispatches