A Libretto

Written by: Sam Fox on November 1, 2012


The Theatre Board folks at the Australia Council for the Arts have supported our desire to research and begin work on an ‘interdisciplinary libretto’ for Wikileaks the Ballet. We will be working with artists living in regions particular to Wikileaks cables. More info on collaborators to follow. But needless to say the team will be aiming to defy all expectations that the title elicits and bring a militant inquiry (action orientated, personal, political, multifaceted local-global) to the phenomenon.

[image courtesy of Der Spiegel]

We’ll be incorporating the nature of wiki’s into dance, and exploring revitalised narratives in media that has for so long been dominated by the retelling of old stories (mass media, traditional art forms). But, most exciting, we aim to make the libretto an open source and highly functional, attractive tool for dancers and artists to use to stage their own Ballet Of The Oppressed experiences.

First up, Sam Fox & Benjamin Forster will spend two weeks diving back into the cables themselves, mapping and preparing reports to our global artists.