A studio’s end

Written by: Sam Fox on July 7, 2017

We said goodbye to our home for 10 years. The Centre for Interdisciplinary Arts Studios was a hub for independent arts practice and experimentation and Hydra Poesis was a founding resident company throughout its journey. Our massive thanks to pvi collective for their work leading the building and to all the peers who made it fantastically unwieldy, esoteric, generous and regularly febrile in its productive energies.

Picture here are a small selection of Hydra collaborators from across the years (right to left): Sete Tele, Kynan Tan, Tarryn Gill, Laura Boynes, Deborah Robertson, Aimee Smith and Sam Fox. Read into our upside down orientation as you like. It seems better this way. Special mention to Ainsley Canning for his help bumping out the studio that he helped build and give life to and yet, true to form, managed to not be photographed or take the credit he deserved. 

10 years of running a studio takes a toll. Hydra Poesis is taking a short break/sabbatical from production in 2017 and will return in some likely mutated form in the not-too-distant…