Herein is some info about a selection of our artists for 2012. The full ensemble will be featured shortly. With pictures. And links. We are working with close to 30 collaborators this year so getting this page up and accurate is a bit of a logistical exercise.

Sam Fox > Director
Sam Fox is a performance maker who draws on his dance, visual theatre and writing practice to create hybrid works that entail finely crafted challenges for audiences. Sam is the founder/director of independent company Hydra Poesis based at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Arts Studios, Perth. Sam was recently awarded one of the inaugural Sidney Myer Creative Fellowships as a leader of ‘outstanding talent and exceptional courage’ within Australian arts practice. After training as a contemporary dancer at the West Australia Academy of Performing Arts, Sam co-founded performance group Tall Concrete Collective, creating large-scale site specific works blending live dance, animation and sound. Sam has been appointed as a facilitator and producer of community based projects, festivals and research programs including: Artistic Director of STEPS Youth Dance Company (2007-08); Festival Associate Producer – ARTRAGE (2005); and Associate Director/Producer Crossfire – A Dance Phenomenon (2004). As a researcher Sam has received a number of commissions including a “provocative review of the DCA Young People & the Arts policy” (08); and by Committee for Perth to develop a vision for a new youth arts hub in the city (2011). He is about to complete a Research Masters at Murdoch University refining the attributes of collaborative production.

Patrick Pittman > Prompter Writer
Patrick Pittman is variously a broadcaster, editor, community organiser, businessman, blogger, journalist and writer of fictions. He was once, for a few glorious months, the nightshift carer of a supercomputer. In 2010 he is developing a major theatre work with WA company Hydra Poesis. His fiction appears mostly in grubby zines and anthologies and has been heard several times on stage, most notably as a regular reader at Cottonmouth. With much of his work being driven by deep concerns of social justice and the morality of conflict, he has also spent time writing for publications from the Red Cross and Amnesty International. Patrick has recently taken up the position of Editor of Dumbo Feather produced out of Saint Kilda.

Matthew Gingold >> Lead Programmer, Production Designer Prompter
Matthew Gingold’s work in audio/visual installation and performance has largely focused on perception, the body and the various meanings ‘live’ and ‘alive’ can have within these contexts. Usually this is explored through the multiple – it’s differences and repetitions – and through these, our connections to identity, the everyday and the sublime. Gingold is interested in processes, both physical and algorithmic that playfully ‘overcode’ meanings or meta-structures. That is, he likes to create rules, many many rules, that by the very nature of complication become obsolete, renewed, changed, unexpected, beautiful, intuitive and generally unruly. His most recent works are CIRCUIT, a Made by Melbourne Fringe commision that networks and transforms photographs of gallery visitors was simultaneously shown at 8 independent and artist run initiatives across Victoria, and The Perfect Artist, a mass video portrait project documenting Australian creative culture currently exhibited at the Australian National Portrait Gallery. Matthew recently created a short film work with Phillip Adams and Ballet Lab that premiered at MONA in 2012. Matthew is currently resident at Ars Electronica in Austria.

Rachel Arianne Ogle > Collaborator / Choreographer / Dancer 
A graduate of the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), Rachel has performed nationally and internationally with Phillip Adams’ BalletLab; Perth’s Buzz Dance Theatre, Kompany Kido, and Hydra Poesis; Hong Kong’s City Contemporary Dance Company; Nigeria’s Ijodee Dance Company; Amsterdam’s Unfinished Company; and the global 50collective. She has been three times nominated for Most Outstanding Female Dancer in the Western Australian Dance Awards.   Rachel is a current lecturer at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. In 2010 Rachel participated in the project ‘50 Days in Costa Rica’ with David Zambrano, spending 10 weeks intensively studying his Flying Low and Passing Through techniques, with 50 selected dancers from 29 different countries.  This resulted in the formation of the global group, 50collective, with whom she has performed in San Jose, Costa Rica; Maribor, Slovenia; Bari, Italy; and in New York City. Rachel was a 2012 STRUT Seed Residency Recipient, for the choreographic development of her new work, precipice.  In September this year she will work with Cuban choreographer Judith Sanchez Ruiz in Berlin, Germany, for the creation of a new solo work.

Paul Selwyn Norton > Imago State Collaborator 

Paul Selwyn Norton (1964) autodidact, was born and raised in Africa and the West Indies and has been a professional Dancer, Choreographer and Teacher for the last 23 years. As a rather wild and untamed thing, he hunted and gathered all the way up to his eventual position in William Forsythe’s prestigious Ballet Frankfurt. As a choreographer, he initially worked under the auspices of Dance House Korzo and after a series of successful productions, set up his own foundation ‘no apology’ in 2003, those works going to tour extensively in most of the major global dance festivals receiving many National and International prizes. Commissions include Batsheva Dance Company, Frankfurt Ballet, Pretty/Ugly Dance Company, Galili Dance, Chunky Move and Stalker Theatre. Paul’s work with Duda Paiva Company has also seen a radical addition to his practice with a combination of puppetry, dance and live media as are his collaborations with two of Sydney’s most inspiring Physical Theatre companies, Stalker and Strings Attached. His most recent 2011/12 Australian commissions include: Stalker Theatre “Encoded” , Expressions Dance “My Sweetest Choice” Link “Moon/Hammer/Cycle” and Strings Attached “A Return to the Trees”. Paul now lives on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and works globally.

Jule Japhet Chiari > Performer Collaborator, Prompter
Jule is an actor, film maker and journalist. Originally from France Jule has worked in film, television and theatre before moving to Australia. She has recently completed production on her film Partisane Arise starring Nicola Bartlett. Jule is a core collaborator on Hydra Poesis’ Prompter project.

Francesca Hope > Associate Producer
Francesca is a film and television producer and co-owner of Perth production company Siamese. Francesca has produced award winning content and her latest documentary KURU premiered on SBS In 2010. Francesca joined Hydra Poesis in January 2010 as associate producer and is on Prompter Live Studio, Liberty in the Dark and Personal Political Physical Challenge.

Brendan Ewing > Prompter Collaborator / Performer
Brendan Ewing was born and grew up in Hong Kong. He studied Contemporary Performance at ECU and has performed in productions such as ‘The Visit’, ‘Woyzeck’, ‘Red Shoes’ and ‘Antigone’ all directed by Matthew Lutton, ‘The Manic Pony’ directed by Zoe Pepper, ‘Deathtrap’ directed by Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd, ‘The Mozart Faction’ directed by Emily McLean, ‘Run Kitty Run’ with Barking Gecko Theatre Company.

Heath Barrett > PPPC Dancer
Heath Barrett is a Melbourne based dance artist who grew up in Tasmania. Heath began dancing with Stompin in 2001 and is a graduate of Deakin University and studied Honors at Western Australia Academy of Arts. Heath has performed throughout Australia and Europe and has worked with creative artists including Bec Reid, Luke George, Sally Gardner Michael Whaites, Olivia Millard, Chrissie Parrot, Craig Barry, Rhys Martin, Phillip Gleeson and Sam Fox. Heath’s co choreographed work has been performed in Next Wave Festival 2007) and Melbourne Fringe Festival (2006). 2009 saw Heath being nominated for the “One to Watch” Category by Dance Australia Magazine. Heath is currently working on further developing his own practice as a choreographer and hopes to premier his exploration in later this year.

Bianca Martin > PPPC Dancer
2011 saw Bianca present The Bikini Eye Short Show (dressed to kill yourself)
for Strut¹s Prime Cut season, finish a Bachelor of Laws at UWA, and receive
the Mid-career Dance Fellowship from WA¹s Department of Culture and Arts.
With real commitment to presenting political dance theatre in WA by Company
Upstairs (a vehicle for her practice since 2008), Bianca continues a number
of projects in development from her office at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Arts, West Perth. 2008 marked the debut of her full-length work HOME ALONE (the suburbs dream tonight) as part of the Artrage Silver Festival. The work was nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Choreography and won the Award for Design and/or Composition in Dance at the 2009 WA Dance Awards. Bianca’s version of Thomas Lehmen¹s Schreibstück presented at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, was also nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Choreography at the 2008 WA Dance Awards. Previous to this Bianca has worked as a professional dancer in Australia and Europe, performing with Buzz Dance Theatre (WA)(2006), Co Loaded (WA) for the Perth International Arts Festival (2005), Compagnie Abyla (Amiens, France)(2006), Sebastian Prantl (Vienna, Austria)(2005), and Company Bettina Owczarek (Rheinsberg, Germany)(2006). www.companyupstairs.com.au

James Welsby > PPPC Dancer
James Welsby is a performer, choreographer, and teacher. He is a 2007 graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts – School of Dance. He has been a member of Perth’s Buzz Dance Theatre since 2009 performing in many productions and touring with the company. James has also performed with Opera Australia in HOSH – La Traviata, and developed work with Luke George, Martin Del Amo, and Cadi McCarthy. As co-director of Phantom Limbs, James has presented feature length dance pieces: Concrete Solace, Ganzfeld Frequency, and The Memory Progressive across Australia and has been commissioned by Next Wave Festival for Private Dances. Independently, James choreographed and produced Tidefolk Fictions at Melbourne Aquarium in May 2012. James’s video works have been screened at Dance on Screen, Dance Massive 2011, the 23rd Singapore International Film Festival and 2010 ReelDance Film Festival (Top 10 Finalist and Winner of ReelDance “Encouragement Award″). James made his directing debut with the music video ‘Dove Song’ for singer Joni in the Moon. As a teacher, James currently works for Chunky Move and Dancehouse, teaching public classes, and previously the Multicultural Access Program (MAP) and the Koori Engagement program. Last year James received an ArtStart grant from The Australia Council and an Ian Potter Cultural Trust Award to further his practice in Europe and New York. www.jameswelsby.com

Dave Miller > Sound Artist Prompter
Hailing from Perth, Western Australia, the physical seclusion of living in the most isolated city in the world has inspired Dave Miller to create truly modern forms of electronic music. Dave plays as a core member of three piece PVT (formerly known as Pivot) with releases on WARP. Collaborations includde: Roam the Hello Clouds and Triosk. As a solo artist he has released a number of records on Scape and meupe. He has collaborated on arts projects with Jessyka Watson Galbraith, Aimee Smith and Sam Fox.

Storm Helmore > PPPC Dancer
A recent graduate of the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), Storm completed her Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Dance in 2011. During her time at WAAPA, Storm worked with choreographers Sue Peacock, Xiaoxiong Zhang, Dean Walsh and Matthew Morris. In 2010, she performed with Spanish company La Fura Dels Baus for the opening of the Perth International Arts Festival. Since graduating, Storm has worked on creative development stages of Sue Peacock’s Reflect and Rachel Ogle’s Precipice, performed in the WA Opera’s production of The Pearl Fishers, and had her dance film selected for presentation at the NeXT International Film Festival in Bucharest. Most recently, Storm has undertaken a month long residency at The Chapel Space in Perth exploring her own choreographic practice.

Marcela A. Fuentes > Prompter Collaborator / Performer 

Marcela A. Fuentes (Marsha Gall) is Assistant Professor in the Department of Performance Studies at Northwestern University, USA. Her work investigates contemporary performances in the Americas that challenge previous definitions of efficacy and make the case for a reformulation of the relationship between symbolic production and politics. She received her Ph.D in Performance Studies from New York University. From 2004 to 2008, Marcela served as Managing Editor of e-misférica, the biannual online journal published by the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics. During her tenure at the Hemispheric Institute she curated several performance video collections that are part of the Hemispheric Institute’s Digital Video Library (HIDVL), the world’s first digital video archive on performance and politics in the Americas. From 2008 to 2010 Marcela was appointed Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, as a fellow of the Andrew W. Mellon program “Cultures in Transnational Perspective”. Marcela is the co-editor (with Diana Taylor) of the anthology Advanced Studies in Performance published in Spanish by Fondo de Cultura Económica in 2011. She is currently working on a digital book investigating performance practices through the lens and methodologies of the digital humanities. Marcela also works in theater, radio, and performance as a director, performer, dramaturge and producer.


Dicky Eton > Mentor / Practice Consultant
Richard Eton (Dicky) trained as an actor at the Arden School of Theatre in Manchester. A core member of Pacitti Company, Dicky also works internationally as a freelance performer. He is a co-producer with Duckie, working on the Olivier Award winning C’est Barbican and Class Club and he is an associate artist with Blast Theory, with whom he has worked on numerous projects.

Deborah Robertson > Prompter Collaborator / Performer
Deborah Robertson works with movement and dance through the mediums of live performance and film. She has choreographed two live works, The Deconstruction (2007), and Confessional (2008), and directed the short dance films Lament (2003, shortlisted Reel Dance, Dance on Screen Award) and The Deconstruction (of my shoulder blade) (2007). Recently Deborah worked as Assistant to the Director on Tracie Mitchell’s dance film Under The Weather and as Second Assistant Director on Michael Hatch’s feature drama Bitter Art.

Michelle Robin Anderson > Prompter Collaborator / Performer
Michelle is a theatre, dance and puppetry performer, as well as a devisor and collaborator. She trained in Contemporary Performance at Edith Cowan University. She has worked with many companies and artists including: Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, Black Swan Theatre Company, Side Pony Productions, Aimee Smith and Hydra Poesis. Michelle produced Red Lashes for the UNIMA International Puppetry Festival in Perth.

Ainsley Canning > Object Construction / Set Production Manager
Ainsley is a core member of Hydra Poesis. He has produced objects and sets for Hydra works INVIOLATE #3 (PICA 2006), RUN (AWESOME 2006), Trademark Manoeuvres (2007-2009), Prompter One-to-One (2008), Suspension (TIT TITROT 2008) and Personal Political Physical Challenge (PICA 2010). Ainsley works for ARTRAGE at the Bakery and creates a original sound and video artworks in between production work.

Steve Berrick > Flash Animator / Design Consultant
Steve Berrick has been working as an independent Web Developer / IT Consultant / Visual Artist since 2001. Recent works with art collective ololo include painting 5 stories of car park in underground Perth CBD, set design and animation for dance production NOSPACE with director Sam Fox, and the ReFACE iArts project. Steve has recently been on tour with the Big Day Out and Graffiti Research Lab, Perth.

Dickie Beau > Prompter Collaborator / Performer
London-based performer and intrepid drag fabulist, Dickie Beau, is a postmodern cultural pickpocket, maverick theatre-maker, actor and twisted video star, looting a range of performance traditions, from ‘low culture’ to ‘high art’, in the creation of distinctive performance experiences.Dickie draws on clowning, theatre, drag and mime, without being exclusive to one school’s rules; merging the sensibility of contemporary culture with queer twists and informed echoes of the past. Increasingly combining original video and sound work with live performance, he crosses over, stands at the edges, and lies in between conventions. Which might sound pretentious, but that’s the ‘art of the matter. Dickie has performed at The Southbank Centre, the Barbican, the British Film Institute, the ICA, the Royal Opera House, the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Roundhouse, Wilton Hall, Hackney Empire and Soho Theatre, to name a few. He was named Best Alternative Performer in the 2012 London Cabaret Awards.Notable festival appearances include Latitude, Fierce, Cork Midsummer Festival, Queer Notions Festival, and the London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival.

Allison Wyper > Prompter Collaborator / Performer
Allison Wyper makes live performance that destabilizes the familiar from a feminist, activist perspective to reveal uncomfortable truths about our everyday lives, bridging contemporary practices including performance art, theatre, dance and conceptual art.   Allison has performed and collaborated with Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Violeta Luna, Sara Shelton-Mann, Marcos Najera, Hancock & Kelly Live, Maria Gillespie (Oni Dance), Michael Sakamoto, Alissa Cardone and Alla Kovgan (Kinodance Company), Katsura Kan, Guillermo Galindo (AKA gal*in_dog), Scrap & Salvage, Culture Clash, paige starling sorvillo/blindsight, and Pilgrim Theatre Research and Performance Collaborative.  Her work has been seen in Los Angeles (at LACE, Highways Performance Space, LACMA, Hammer Museum, Fowler Museum, UCLA, California State University at Long Beach, and Craftswoman House), San Francisco (at the Performance Art Institute, Dance Mission, Yerba Buena Gardens, NOHspace, The Garage, and CounterPULSE), Boston (at Boston Center for the Arts, the ICA, in the Boston Cyberarts Festival, and at Emerson College) and Berlin (at Schwelle7).  Allison holds a BA in Theatre Studies with concentrations in Directing and Visual Art from Emerson College. In 2011 she earned an MFA from UCLA’s Department of World Arts and Cultures|Dance. www.allisonwyper.com