Didactic Tools Workshop Symposium + Exhibition

Posted on October 9, 2015 by Sam Fox


Didactic Tools opens in November and kicks off with a workshop Symposium for peers working in knowledge and cultural practices who want to participate in peer-to-peer exchange, explore open source practices and non-hierarchical methodologies of cultural production.

Below is information on the exhibition but head OVER HERE for info on the Workshop Symposium and to RSVP by taking our 10 minute online learning module.

Didactic Tools lab & peer workshop @ CIA Studios

Posted on December 19, 2014 by Sam Fox

The Didactic Tools laboratory brought artists Keg de Souza, Jake Oorloff, Tarsh Bates, Kynan Tan and Sam Fox together for an intensive week of research, peer-to-peer tools exchange and experimentation that led to the team running an intensive peer workshop to a greater body of artists. Tables of exchange were set with objects and concepts, physical contact was made, biological material was taken from each other in simultaneous acts, the internet and the limits of our filter/knowledge/art-bubbles were considered.

Didactic Tools lab & workshop

Posted on November 21, 2014 by Sam Fox

This week 5 core artists are working on the first research period for the Didactic Tools project. Keg de Souza, Tarsh Bates and Jake Oorloff join Sam Fox and Kynan Tan to research the impact of teaching and learning culture on art, politics and knowledge itself. The artists will then run a 2 day intensive peer workshop at CIA Studios.

Workshop Callout

Posted on September 25, 2014 by Sam Fox

CALLOUT for artist participation in the DIDACTIC TOOLS WORKSHOP

Hydra Poesis and CIA Studios are inviting applications for artists to participate in the DIDACTIC TOOLS workshop – a cross-disciplinary project between five national and international artists investigating knowledge culture in contemporary society.

Join the core group of international and national artists for discussions around knowledge transference, learning and instructional culture, and respond to the concepts through experimentation with original and shared work.