TechnoCulturalBodysuit #3
membrane ethic #3: fighting for the body against cancer, silicon implants, drones strikes

The TechnoCulturalBodySuit series opens this week as part of SymbioticA’s Semipermeable exhibition in ISEA 2013 at the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney.

Sam Fox will perform live at the official reception on Wednesday the 12 June. The exhibition runs through till August 26.

Many collaborators and supporters contributed to this work: SymbioticA as the commissioning laboratory and project facilitator, incredible fabricators Kristy Armstrong and Pierce Davison, Hydra’s projects manager Laura Boynes, and especial thanks to the team who helped bash Fox out of an oversized Piñata – Sete Tele, Tarryn Gill (and impromptu camera op), Storm Helmore, Trish Woods, Yilin Kong, Kristy Armstrong, Laura Boynes (& camera op).

forget the idealisation of interdisciplinary collaborations (for a moment). Consider if we are truly compatible… discussions and companion pieces planned.

Part 1 take 2

Posted on November 1, 2012 by Sam Fox

More work on IMAGO STATE these last two weeks ‘tween Paul Selwyn Norton and Sam Fox. The duo have been trying to capture the fear inducing character of gross change in movement for starters and other media to follow. Though some writing was done and it was pretty good.

video stills featuring sam fox.

New work in development – IMAGO STATE

Posted on October 23, 2011 by admin

Hydra director Sam Fox is returning to the stage in a solo work being created in collaboration with choreographer Paul Selwyn Norton. Paul is a global choreographer now based in Queensland who has made works for Frankfurt Ballet, Batsheva Dance and Chunky Move to name a few.

The work is exploring change states and the precarious, confounded nature of transitioning encapsulated in the imago moment.