Documentary featuring Dance Journalists

Posted on June 7, 2013 by Sam Fox

Zeb Parkes is a radical film maker from WA. He covers a huge amount of activism and has shot this documentary of the National Refugee Rights Convergence. The film gives a detailed account of the Australian detention system and features the Dance Journalists in the final action.

and here is an article by Curtin journalism student Jessica Ibacache who accompanied us on the Dance Journalism trip.

This interview with Hadi was conducted at the camp of the National Refugee Rights Convergence. The choreography and dance accompanying is by Isabella Stone.

Huge thankyou to our media partners who are helping distribute these reports of the Australian Mandatory Detention system. Below are the partners who elected to be publicised. We salute you all! To become a partner for future reports goto this page and fill out the form.

You are here Festival РCanberra, Tarryn Gill,  Alvin Tan, Rosemary Candelario, Ashlee Barton, Ursula Dawkins, Rachel Arianne Ogle, Leigh Robb, Toyi-Toyi Theatre, A Workshop, Jess Watson-Galbraith, Katya Shevtsov, Mixed Media, Masters Of Nothing

photo: Alex Bainbridge, featuring Sam Fox

Activist Sarah Ross from the Refugee Rights Action Network visits with refugees inside Yongah Hill every week (but was stopped from visiting this week due to ‘operational reasons’). She describe to us what the centre is like visiting inside detention.

Dancers: Laura Boynes, Deborah Robertson, Gabriela Green, Jess Lewis, Daniella Olea, Tarryn Gill, Jule Japhet Chiari, Isabella Stone, Carly Armstrong, Sete Tele, Musicians:Tristen Parr, Chris Cobilis, Technicians and camera ops: Chris McCormick, Neil Berrick, Benjamin Forster

Dance Journalist, Gabriela Green, photo: Alex Bainbridge

Editorial Statement, Dance Journalism
We are in Northam at the Yongah Hill Immigration Detention Centre in regional Western Australia. For approximately 14 years, Australian politics has fixated on immigration policies. We are in an era where the treatment of refugees has become a central battleground of our electoral democracy.

Activists, advocates and journalists were not permitted to visit with refugees over the three day National Refugee Rights Convergence at Yongah Hill Detention Centre 90km from Perth.

A contingent of 18 people Рdancers, journalists, technicians and curators, made the journey to the centre, interviewing refugees, advocates, activists, and mental health professionals working inside detention.

First dispatches from Dance Journalism

Posted on April 28, 2013 by Sam Fox

Visual dispatches from the major protest yesterday, Saturday 27 April. We saw massive over-policing. The refugees were denied visits due to ‘operational reasons’, and the convergence was denied access even to the carpark. However, we heard chanting from inside the detention centre despite the distance and via a phone call to an organiser we heard messages of thanks from the refugees of Yongah Hill.

Dance Journalism

Posted on April 4, 2013 by Sam Fox

- a group dance action facilitated by Hydra Poesis. The project features dancers and journalists based in Perth, Western Australia, supported by an international media network drawn for the dance and art world.

Dance Journalism responds to ongoing developments in citizen media, the broadening definitions of journalism*, and the growing tactics and vocabulary of social and political movements.