Digital Dialogues – broadcast channel

Written by: Sam Fox on August 1, 2016


Over the last 18 months Hydra Poesis has hosted artists exploring what the internet means for performance for them. In partnership with DADAA inc (Disability in the Arts, Disadvantage in the Arts Australia) a massive range of experimental broadcasts, artworks, performances and documents were created. The project has wrapped for now but new iterations of the partnership are in the pipeline. Check it out here

Featured artists

Julia Hales

Sam Kerr

Curtis Hatton

Alison King

Patrick Carter

Danny Tuckey

Errol Hubihoca


David Trusler

Mark Perry

Lead facilitating artist

 Laura Boynes

Core Artists

Lincoln Mackinnon

Zoe Martyn

Sete Tele


Sam Fox


Simone Flavelle


Anna Dunhill Zoe Pepper Tristan Parr Sam Price Steve Berrick Finn O’branagain, kelli mckluskey and steve bull