enfolded experience

Written by: Sam Fox on November 1, 2012

Triangle I (SF) made as a simple didactic tool expressing ┬áthe popular ideals many of us are trying to enact that subvert the traditional arts engagement pyramid… Fold bottom up to the middle and the top down etc. If you can do the basic mental origami – you get a trapezoid. The artists and the audience have strong contact, are mutually engaged in exchange with each other, and the work is both visible within the geography-cultural context and actively impacts on other indices of exchange or actual economies – political, social, economic proper. It’s elementary stuff but difficult in the application. And particularly useful in critiquing old approaches to audience experiences – theatre’s that ironically replicate television and where you don’t have any experience outside, on your way in, the pre, during or post etc. And that completely preclude or work against the social and political imperatives that are the best thing about congregating with people in material space.