First dispatches from Dance Journalism

Written by: Sam Fox on April 28, 2013

Visual dispatches from the major protest yesterday, Saturday 27 April. We saw massive over-policing. The refugees were denied visits due to ‘operational reasons’, and the convergence was denied access even to the carpark. However, we heard chanting from inside the detention centre despite the distance and via a phone call to an organiser we heard messages of thanks from the refugees of Yongah Hill. Dancing at the gates today.

Later, back at the activists camp about 10 minutes walk from the detention centre gates…

We interviewed activists who have been campaigning for refugees for 14 years and more, younger activists who visit inside detention every week (although denied this weekend by authorities), and a former detainee from Afghanistan who, though only 2 years after having been released from 13 months detention in Australia, has travelled across the country to speak at his second national convergence. A beautiful, sad but defiant and all to brief utopia.

And then mapping out today’s performance area with mounted police escort.