Godard & the middle class

Written by: Sam Fox on July 23, 2012

Jean Luc Godard’s film Weekend is over the top, melodramatic, hyper politicised and farcical. It is also incredibly smart, funny, violent, horrifying, authentic, radical and revolutionary. The protagonists are backstabbing, nihilistic, upwardly aspirational middle class villains*. And this portrayal is so good because the middle class is never in a solid state of middleness. In the middle you are either ascending, descending or doing a bit of both in a non stop vibratory up-down dance like an anxious child playing musical bobs. And the protagonist couple of this want to win at all costs. Like children in the thrall of sugar-induced-psychosis and birthday party ego-mania.

Perhaps the greatest scene is inter-titled: Class Struggle. Must watch. And for some heavy and rigorous reading on the subject head over to socialism and/or barbarism’s critique.

*they might be petti-bourgoise deriving some income from external labour they have jobs… And the caricature is broadly applicable to the aspirational.