- a group dance action facilitated by Hydra Poesis. The project features dancers and journalists based in Perth, Western Australia, supported by an international media network drawn for the dance and art world.

Dance Journalism responds to ongoing developments in citizen media, the broadening definitions of journalism*, and the growing tactics and vocabulary of social and political movements.
*See Wikileaks, whistleblowing as journalism, artists using the legal protections of journalism in their work.

Employing a Simple Principle of Dedicated Abstraction
Dance is what we do and it is inherently abstract in form. Via Dance Journalism, we will dedicate our abstraction to shedding light on important political or cultural phenomena. We will do this by performing dance at revealing sites accompanied by journalists who will present fact based reports to camera alongside our site-specific work.

Dance Journalism #1: April 27 & 28, 2013
The first experiment will occur in the remote town of Northam in Western Australia. The Union of Dance Journalism will travel to Yongah Hill Detention Centre and cover the National Refugee Rights Convergence. Due to the prominent place of immigration in Australian politics, immigration detention centres are incredibly revealing sites of both cultural and political significance. Dancers will work directly with journalists on-site at the remote detention centre. We will broadcast rigorously fact-checked and aesthetically abstract dance journalism to the world.

We are calling dancers, dance groups, companies and arts organistations to join with us in forming a media network for the Dance Journalism project – an alternative media network comprised of contemporary dancers, companies and arts organisations

What is Involved?
Members of the Media Network will be sent the Dance Journalism media release and links to video reports. As a member of the network they will be asked to send this material to their local media contacts and to distribute via their professional online networks. Should they choose, the name/group/organisation will be represented at the Dance Journalism event by our presence and in our media material.

How do you join the Media Network?
All you need to do is fill out the form at the bottom of this post. Over the weekend of April 27 & 28 you will be emailed a media release and links to media material. We ask that you forward this to your local media contacts and to your professional social networks.

You can choose to be an anonymous member or have your name/group/company represented in our media broadcast banners and credits. Adding your name/identity to the action certainly helps the cause but it is not compulsory. If you want to send us your logo/icon or an image you can email it to us and we’ll add it to our Partners material.

Why join the Network?
This project functions at the junction of information and action. It is journalistic, but it is also active. It is fact based and primary journalism. As with all news media, there is an editorial line. Our line is exposing facts and untold stories about the institutional violence of Australia’s refugee detention facilities, and contextualising these facilities as important cultural spaces.

Like most nations Australia is susceptible to international pressure and perceptions. Challenging the facade of Australia’s clean, egalitarian, progressive and prosperous international brand is an important tactic in problematising institutional human rights abuses for Government. It is also a tangible means to mobilise Australian citizens to take responsibility for the actions undertaken by our elected representatives.

As dancers^ we are a highly transient population. We are not known as a particularly vocal workforce. This experiment in dance journalism applies to transient populations and refugees across the globe. It is an experiment in focussing our network, deploying international ethics and amplifying our efforts around a concise story. Being part of the network is contributing to the tactical evolution of collectively driven, democratic, non-violent, artistic and journalistic responses to culture and politics. And it is contributing to furthering the capacities of dance.

This is an open source project in the most open terms. You may take this idea, adapt it, re-imagine it as you like.

^and allied artists.


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Comment or Dedication Message (please address your message to the refugees in Yongah Hill, or the Dance Journalism organisers, the dancers or the activists. We will do our best to get it delivered)