new art for Semipermeable led by SymbioticA – In development

Hydra director Sam Fox has been invited to collaborate on a multidisciplinary project initiated and led by Perth’s world renowned bio-art lab SymtiobicA. Like all our projects, they will inevitably draw Hydra collaborators into the process as the mass of ideas expand to breaking point. Here are the concepts so far…

Fox will spend time in the laboratory investigating the movement characteristics of life as cells form and break apart towards capturing an aesthetic in media and motion of formlessness and precarious potential. Fox will use this information to create two connected artworks that evoke a conceptual narrative of skin strangling development until the skin degrades and skin/membranes enabling new life. The artworks will involve the creation of Technoscientific Bodysuits created for live performance and for stuffing with a variety of materials. Fox is inspired to explore the ethics of membranes as strong political analogy: the space between the politics of Stillborn Change (work 1) – identification/borders/nation-states, and the power of representation for identification/connection/understanding explored in Soup Body (work 2).