Sete Tele

Written by: Sam Fox on July 10, 2013

Sete is a contemporary dance artist, leading community arts practitioner and puissant aikidoka*

As an artist and teacher, Sete has been a major influence for a number of us here at Hydra Poesis. He has been part of the Prompter online chorus team since 2011 and this year we’ve worked together on Dance Journalism and The Problem of Sangfroid… **. 

Sete’s quiet is very loud. In PROMPTER, where presence and the act of bearing witness is paramount, this subtlety is foregrounded in the action.

Sete can be found on the internet at http://setetele.com

*Aikidoka – a practitioner of Aikido. Sete is sensei at the the Institute of Aikido, Curtin

The Problem of Sangfroid in the Age of Capitalist Decline and Global Warming as Expressed Through a Contemporary Remix of The Musical West Side Story that Draws Connection to Puerto Rico’s Likely Move from Colonised Territory to Fifty First Star of the American Union and Ongoing Alignments between Racist, Colonial and Denialist Behaviours in Global Politics and the Mythology of Street Gang Culture