Sibling Rivers Hemi GS1 to M:ST performance festival

Written by: Sam Fox on May 11, 2014

Sam Fox (Hydra, Perth), Allison Wyper (Los Angeles) and Terrance Houle (Blood Tribe, Calgary) are in the process of making a new performance of Sibling Rivers for the M:ST - Mountain Standard Time  – performative art festival ( Sept 14, Calgary).

In late 2013 Sam and Allison – and engaging a response from Mariel Caranza (LA) – created a live internet performance for the Hemispheric Institute’s GS1 symposium. The Hemispheric piece (pictured) built on work Allison had undertaken with performance comrades on the la zanja madre* and Sam added a solo experiment at Perth’s Derbal Yerrigan^.

This time around the work will feature three rivers and artists that only intersect by the wide body of the ocean and the channels of the internet.

*LA River in colonial parlance, captured in video performance made for Prompter Dispatches.
^ The Swan River in Whitey.