THANKYOU Dear Supporters

Written by: Sam Fox on August 13, 2012

Personal Political Physical Challenge is up and running at Malthouse Theatre and thanks to our supporters we have been able to push the production value to where it needs to be!    And it really means a lot to have so much generosity directed to our work. Thankyou dear supporters.

Fiona de Garis
Dave Primmer
Lex Randolph
Cecelia Cmielewski
Katya Shevstov
Genevieve Abbey
Francis & Daryl Barr Kumarakulasinghe
Michelle O’Brien
Anything Is Valid Dance Theatre
Brendan McCallum
Daisy Sanders
Laura Boynes
Jennifer Leys
Deborah Robertson
Joanna Pollitt
Jarred Dewey
Laura Jane Lowther
Paula Lay
Michael Gall
Casey Helmore
Elle Evangelista
Brooke Leeder
Helen Crain-Welsby
Quindell Orton
James McIntosh
Fiacre Mulhall
Cole Leather
Paul Blackman
Kynan Hughes
Jackie and Graeme McIntosh
Amanda Alderson
Josh Mu
Nudein Narkose
Shannon Langley
Nikolas Patterson
Tomas Ford
Sarah Rowbottam
Patrice Newall
Alan Guest
Bonnie Tessa Davies
Benjamin Forster
Jason Mckenzie
Daine Stern
Hannah Fox
Dave Miller
Margo Donaldson
Aimee Smith
James Petch
Adriane Daff
Francis Sullivan
Sammie Williams
Karl Matacz
Alexis Mian
Alice Lee Holland
Cathy Bowditch
and to those of you who ticked ‘Anonymous’ too

Rachel Ogle and James Welsby in performance at Malthouse Theatre